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FAA Testing Centers Chicago Area

This is not a complete list of all FAA testing centers. Some locations have more than one testing center, however the list below is recommended by me based on my personal opinion. The order listed here is not sorted by the priority.

Most testing centers do not require but strongly recommend reservations in advance.
You should choose a test center and test time that is convenient for you and that will fit into your schedule. The Private Pilot-Airplane knowledge test consists of 60 multiple- choice questions and has a time limit of 2 hr. 30 min. Testing Center is required to provide you with 2 hr. 30 min regardless of the time you think it will take. Testing Center need to make sure they have a proctor available for the entire duration thus call in advance is recommended.

Cost of the exam is $150-$160


Blue Skies Flying Services
8411 Pyott Road, Suite 106
Lake in the Hills, Illinois
(815) 356-8121

Illinois Aviation Academy
32 W. 751 Tower Dr
West Chicago, Illinois
(630) 513-2224

JA Flight Center
43W700 US Route 30
Sugar Grove, Illinois
(630) 549-2152

Windy City Flyers
1098 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Ste 301
Wheeling, Illinois
(847) 466-5161

Skill Aviation Services
2346 West Beach Rd
Waukegan, Illinois
(847) 599-9955