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61.107 Flight Proficiency – Private Pilot ASEL

Aeronautical Experience | Aeronautical Knowledge | Flight Proficiency

person who applies for a private pilot certificate must receive and log ground and flight training from an authorized instructor on the areas of operation of this section that apply to the aircraft category (Airplane) and class (Single Engine Land) rating sought.

(b)Areas of operation:

(1) For an airplane category rating with a single-engine class rating:

  • (i) Preflight preparation;
  • (ii) Preflight procedures;
  • (iii) Airport and seaplane base operations;
  • (iv) Takeoffs, landings, and go-arounds;
  • (v) Performance maneuvers;
  • (vi) Ground reference maneuvers;
  • (vii) Navigation;
  • (viii) Slow flight and stalls;
  • (ix) Basic instrument maneuvers;
  • (x) Emergency operations;
  • (xi) Night operations, except as provided in § 61.110 of this part; and
  • (xii) Postflight procedures.

Note: Both Ground and Flight training need to be received from authorized instructor and logged.